on October 7, 2021

8 benefits of Portuguese citizenship

on October 7, 2021

8 beneficios de la ciudadanía portuguesa

In a super-connected and constantly changing world, more and more people are able to achieve a double citizenship and a second passport. With the law of reparation for the Sephardic descendants and with the recent simplification of the citizenship process for the Portuguese children, more and more people have carried out this process. These are the main advantages of obtaining a passport from the European Union:

1. Becoming a citizen of a country of the European Union

Upon acquiring Portuguese nationality, you also become a citizen of a member country of the European Union (EU). This means that you have the same rights and duties as a citizen of any country in the 27 member countries.

2. International mobility

As a Portuguese citizen, you will have the freedom to travel to all the countries that form part of the Schengen Area without bureaucracy with visas, immigration problems, airport checks and deadlines. You can carry out this old plan to travel through Europe without complications.

3. No visa required for the USA

With a European passport you can travel to other countries outside the European Union such as the United States, Canada and Japan without a visa. In the case of the first ones, simply complete an electronic travel authorization. The entire procedure is online. For Japan, there are no specific requirements.

4. Quality of life

Health, safety, education and purchasing power are some of the indicators that make Europe stand out in terms of quality of life.

Portugal has, for example, a very moderate cost of living and a wide cultural offer, which includes several free events throughout the year. How about living with this quality of life and, when you feel like it, spending a season in your country of origin?

5. Choose where to live and work

Obtaining Portuguese citizenship allows you to choose where you want to live and work in any of the 27 countries of the European Union. This means a multitude of possibilities, including working in some of the biggest companies in the world, in addition to earning in euros.

For a Portuguese citizen to move to another country of the block, the only requirement is to complete a registration with immigration. In other words, you do not need visas.

6. Academic life

Being a Portuguese citizen also opens up many possibilities for study. From graduation to doctorate, you can study in any country of the European Union, even through the Erasmus exchange program.

7. A gift for your descendants

In addition to all the points already mentioned, Portuguese nationality is a legacy for their descendants. It is important to remember that their children and children will tend to the citizenship that has been achieved. Wouldn't it be wonderful to leave all these opportunities for your future?

8. Connection with our history

To conquer Portuguese citizenship, we connect with our history and our ancestry. When we confirm that we are descendants of a Jewish, Sephardic Jew or when we have the Portuguese citizenship recognized through our priests or Abuelos, we managed to fit a piety more than our identity that has been written in abbreviations.

Of course, there are other benefits such as being able to enjoy a more peaceful retirement, or even being able to invest and become an entrepreneur with lower types of interests and more favorable conditions. Everything will depend on your needs and interests.

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