on September 9, 2021

The companies that Estonia is looking for

on September 9, 2021

As empresas que a Estônia está buscando

Estonia is a hub for global industrial, supply chain and business services activities and a world leader in information technology. As IT becomes the value driver across all industries, Estonia is uniquely positioned as the scalable place of choice for digital knowledge and business. Some areas of emphasis are as follows:

1. Research and development of Tinformation technology

Estonia is a recognized leader in digital identity, cyber security and Blockchain and has produced numerous innovations in the consumer, corporate and government sectors.

Estonia's software development sector is vibrant, ranging from startups to multinationals in segments such as games, fintech, e-commerce, cleantech, enterprise and e-government.

The country has emerged as a leader in cybersecurity, ranking in first in Europe due to its multi-stakeholder approach to strategic, technical, operational and legal aspects. Estonia's unique combination of experience and environment provides the ideal platform for the research, development and management of these solutions.

2. Food Industry

Estonia is a country that benefits from a natural and, in many cases, untouched environment. Raw material inputs are of high quality, generally organic and sourced from clearly identifiable local sources.

Estonia is increasingly becoming a center of export-oriented activities. Regional giants such as Orkla, Saarionen and Lantmännen export the end product from Estonia to European markets. Estonia's high quality raw materials are exported globally for use in the food, beverage, healthcare, animal feed and horticulture sectors.

The history of innovation in food science in Estonia is a long one. Today, Lallemand, a global leader in the development, production and marketing of yeast, bacteria and specialty ingredients, operates a state-of-the-art global R&D center for functional molecules and targeted evolution in Estonia in collaboration with TalTech. Finnish dairy giant Valio conducts R&D on lactose-free and digestion-enhancing foods.

3. Electronics, IoT inechatronics

Estonia has a sizable and growing mechatronics industry thanks to its ability to integrate world-class expertise in mechanical engineering, electronics and IT.

In mechanical engineering, Estonia has a 25 year history of producing, testing and assembling high value for global markets.

Estonia's electronics capability, developed over 70 years, today includes R&D, prototyping, production and precision assembly of polychlorinated biphenyls, supercapacitors, transformers and semiconductors.

Historic skills in industrial automation and cybersecurity are augmented by developments in data analytics, connected networks and Blockchain. Estonia is at the forefront of R&D of sensors, control software and location technology for autonomous vehicles.

4. Logistics

Estonia occupies a strategic location with excellent multimodal connections to the Nordic, Baltic, European Union and Commonwealth of Independent States markets, supported by necessary protocols and language skills. It is also consistently ranked among the most open and competitive economies in the world, and low bureaucracy ensures the flow of goods and data efficiently.

Estonians are experienced in managing complex industrial supply chains and have experience in sensitive cargoes such as petrochemicals and fulfillment just in time.

Continued investment in IT and infrastructure projects further enhances Estonia's affordable market and competitiveness. New possibilities in the North-South, East-West supply chain are emerging.

Estonia is applying IT to transform all aspects of supply chain management, from business planning to e-customs, automated goods handling and final delivery. Combined with the expertise in shared supply chain services, Estonia is increasingly becoming an integrated business Supply Chain Management hub.

5. E-commerce

 As the most digitally capable nation in the world, Estonia has been providing online services to businesses, consumers and governments for over 20 years.

World-class IT skills in areas including software development, localization technologies, digital marketing and process automation have created countless e-commerce solutions.

Estonia also has experience in various e-commerce facilitators. Online trust is a particular strength thanks to the extensive use of electronic identification, Blockchain technology and a cybersecurity sector that ranks first in Europe. Estonia will be among the first countries in the world to offer 5G infrastructure (with pilot networks already launched).

These are just some of the areas where your business can succeed in Estonia. Even if your performance is not in one of these areas, Estonia could be the ideal place to leverage it. There are a number of other businesses that can benefit from Estonia's highly digital and business-friendly environment. Not sure if Estonia is the right solution for your business? Send us a message and who knows if we can help you.

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