on November 12, 2019

Citizen Card: what it is and how to apply

on November 12, 2019

Cartão de Cidadão: o que é e como solicitar

After the issue of the Portuguese birth certificate by the Sephardic way, issued by the Institute of Registries and Notaries (IRN), it's time to request the Citizen Card. This is the Portuguese citizen's personal identification document, by birth or by assignment, and replaces the identity card since 2010. In addition to the most modern and secure format, the citizen card has a chip that allows the storage of all the individual's personal data [1], making it possible to identify yourself electronically and sign digital documents.

The technological innovations mentioned above allow the citizen card to include, in a single document, the voter card, the taxpayer card, the Social Security card and the National Health Service card.

To apply for the Citizen Card you must be with the updated marital status in Portugal.

How to apply for the Citizen Card?

1. In Portugal:

In Portugal, the body responsible for issuing the Citizen Card is the IRN. The order can be placed at IRN Branches, Citizen Stores, Citizen Spaces and RIAC Stores (Azores).

The first step is to schedule the service at https://agendar.irn.mj.pt/

The Claimant must appear at the scheduled IRN with the following documents: [2]

- Copy of the Seat (seat number) of the birth registration;
- Taxpayer card;
- Social Security Card;
- Health User Card;
- Valid personal document (Brazilian passport and / or residence permit).

The amount for issuing the Citizen Card will vary between € 18.00 and € 33.00, depending on whether the order is normal or urgent.

2. In Brazil:

For the application in Brazil, applicants should go to the Consular Posts of Portugal. The procedure may vary from consulate to consulate, but the rule is that the Applicant must make a prior appointment and submit the following documents:

- Passport or original valid ID and simple copy;
- Copy of the Seat (seat number) of the birth registration;
- 3 × 4 colored photo, white and recent background;
- Application completed (available on the website of the Consulates of Portugal).

At the Consular Posts in Brazil, it is possible to jointly require the Citizen Card and passport, varying the cost between R$ 274.00 and R$ 810.00. [3]

[1] The Exception is the Taxpayer Number (equivalent to the Brazilian CPF), which is generated at the Finance agencies in Portugal and has its own document.
[2] Items 2, 3 and 4 should be submitted when the applicant already has them. If you do not have them, you can update the data on the Citizen Card at a later time.
[3] Estimated by the Consulate of São Paulo.

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