on March 12, 2020

Portugal stands out as a migratory destination for Brazilian professionals

on March 12, 2020

Portugal ganha destaque como destino migratório para profissionais brasileiros

Professionals from around the world are looking to build an international career and improve their resumes through these experiences. Other people, with qualifications in areas valued in Brazil, see Portugal as an excellent choice to fulfill their dream of living abroad without giving up the investment made in their training. Among the various advantages, the country offers the possibility of revalidating the diploma in courses such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and accounting.

In the specific case of medical professionals, according to the Portuguese Ministry of Health, in certain regions, such as Alentejo and Algarve, there is a shortage in the most diverse specialties, while in regions such as Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, the shortage is more specific , by specialists in General and Family Medicine. In addition, there is a large gap in the number of doctors in the Portuguese National Health System, whose per capita distribution (2.8 doctors per thousand inhabitants) is lower than the average for the countries that are part of the European Union (which is 3.6).

Doctor João Marcos Meneses decided to join the approximately one thousand Brazilian doctors working in Portugal. He saw the possibility of revalidating the diploma as a gateway to work throughout the European Union, as according to current legislation, after three years of validation, the professional can work in any country in the bloc. “The possibility of having this mobility, in addition, of course, to the better quality of life and working conditions offered by European countries led me to seek validation. There is also the opportunity to continue qualifying at some of the best medical training centers in the world”, explains the doctor.

The growing insecurity in Brazil, as well as the precarious and poorly paid working conditions in medicine, led doctor Carolina Brum to seek an alternative in Portugal. However, its main impediment was the lack of time to resolve bureaucratic procedures. “Since the beginning of the process, I sought help from an office that would guarantee me agility in the revalidation. They clarified all doubts, provided prompt guidance on the documentation, carried out all the necessary process in Portugal. Now they are helping me in the new stage of registration of the order of doctors”, says the doctor.

As for dentists, the prospects are very good, both for professionals in the field and for the local population, since since July 2016 a pilot project has started in Lisbon and Alentejo to include dentistry in the public health service. With the good results achieved, the demand for these professionals should increase in the coming years.

simplified process

Until 2018, each Portuguese university had its own rules for validating foreign diplomas, which caused discrepancies in the values and timing of the processes. However, as of January 1, 2019, Decree-Law No. 66/2018, published on August 16, 2018, came into effect, which defines new rules for the recognition of academic degrees in Portugal.

The new rule focuses on automation, enabling the processes that have already been validated to serve as a basis for newer ones. Thus, diplomas from the same course and foreign institution analyzed above will not need to go through the entire process from the beginning.

"Despite the simplification, there are a number of requirements that must be met for Brazilian training to be validated by Portuguese institutions, for example, the number of hours of classes and duration of the course must be compatible, as well as certain bureaucratic requirements that, if not observed, they can cause financial losses and delays in the process”, warns lawyer Thiago Huver, a specialist in the validation of foreign diplomas in Portugal and a partner at the Martins Castro law firm.

According to the lawyer, not only professionals who intend to live in Portugal have sought revalidation, but also those who intend to acquire international experience in their area of expertise. “The time when having a university degree was a guarantee of a good job is behind us. Nowadays, more knowledge, experience and differentials are needed to stand out, and international experience certainly makes the difference in the dispute for a good job”, evaluates the lawyer.

With the diploma revalidated, professionals must enroll in the respective class councils and will later be able to fill the vacancies destined for their qualification. Those who go through the process still have another advantage: the revalidation is forever, it does not expire, that is, the professional can validate the diploma and return to Portugal at another time. “It is worth noting that validation allows the practice of the profession in Portugal, but a residence permit will be required for the professional to be legalized in the country”, highlights Huver.

In addition, Portugal has taken an advantage over other countries as a professional destination for Brazilians due to the ease of the language, but it is important to highlight that mastery of English guarantees even better opportunities, whether in the job market or in the dispute for scholarships. What is certain is that the aging of the Portuguese population and the lack of qualified professionals in certain areas represent an excellent opportunity and Brazilians are increasingly aware of this.

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