Considering the increase in the number of requests for proof of sephardic origin, the Certification Service of the Israeli Community of Lisbon – CIL today announced, 06.02, changes in the form of protocol of requests.

The most important change will be in the form of sending the documents, which will now be 100 digital, through the official email of the entity. Digital files must be in PDF format and in a single document, in which the family tree, personal documents, application, certificates and genealogical report must appear.

It is noteworthy that, after analyzing and approved, all documents must be sent on paper to the CIL file, and only after their arrival in Lisbon will the certificate be issued.

With the new rules, the applicant will have a period of one week after sending the scanned documents to send the proof of payment by email. Another change will be in relation to the validity of passports, which will now have to have a minimum validity of six months.

The good news is that the news aims to accelerate the analysis and issuance of sephardic certificates, reducing the waiting time of hundreds of applicants, for the most part, Brazilians, who are waiting for proof of their Jewish ancestry to start the process of Portuguese nationality.