From April 2 to 9, the martins castro international consulting firm, specializing in Portuguese nationality via Sephardic Jews, will be providing care in Fortaleza (CE). The going takes place due to the growing demand for the application for Portuguese nationality through sephardic proof, provided for in art. 6th, No. 7 of the Nationality Law (Law No. 37/81).

“The envoy will be our consultant Karol Ximenes, who will be responsible for doing face-to-face care with all those who already have the genealogical study or who are already in possession of the certificate issued by the Israeli Community of Lisbon”, highlights the partner and martins castro’s lawyer, Renato Martins.

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The entire process for acquiring nationality through sephardic Jews takes three stages: genealogical study, the issuance of the certificate by the Israeli Community and the application for nationality from the competent body.

The Ceará Jeissa Lucas is on its way to the second step, recently discovered its sephardic descent and, in possession of its genealogical study, will do the process with Martins Castro. “My family and I chose to do the process with a consultancy because we are in Brazil and all access to information in Portugal is difficult due to distance, in addition, knowing that we are being accompanied by lawyers makes us sure that we will be well-advised and that we will achieve our nationality,” jeissa explains.

Ceará, in addition to having the largest number of Jews proven to be sephardic, was the state of Brazil with the first case of recognition of Portuguese nationality through this law, Nertan Ribeiro, 69 years old. He learned of this right by a genealogist, who was willing to make his family tree until he reached the ancestors sephardic Branca Dias and Belchior da Rosa.