The city of Monterrey, Mexico, will host another edition of the Sefardí Meeting,an event that clarifies doubts about the process of Portuguese citizenship by the sephardic route. The meeting will take place on January 16, at the Four Points Hotel from 16:00 to 21:00. To register just click here.

Renato Martins,lawyer and partner of the Martins Castro Consultoria Internacional is one of the speakers of the event and will talk about Portuguese nationality for Mexican sephardics,how to prove the link and what are the stages of the process, among other important information. Victor Castillo is the genealogist invited to explain the importance of genealogical study in this process and the Portuguese origins of the founders of Monterrey.

Mexican citizens can still win a European passport if they prove sephardic ancestry. The process of Spanish citizenship by this route ended on October 1, 2019, but in Portugal this process has no shelf life and is benefiting sephardic descendants from all over the world.