Martins Castro’s team of lawyers was today (21) in the Israeli Community of Lisbon (CIL) to enter new processes for the application for certification of sephardic Jews’ descent. Being one of the specialties of the office, these visits are periodic to be able to monitor the analysis of customers and also stay informed with the news of the institution.

According to Martins Castro’s lawyer and partner, Renato Martins, these visits are important to maintain good relationship with CIL. “In addition, it is our duty to guide all customers well so that no documents required by the entity and, in this way, the waiting time for documentary analysis is shorter,” he explains.

Since Decree Law No. 30-A/2015, which grants Portuguese nationality to those who prove the offspring of sephardic Jews, CIL has filed almost 6,000 requests, of which about 1,000 are still under analysis and 5,000 already have the certificates. In the ranking of these requests, Brazil is in second place, lagging behind only Israel.

Due to the waiting time of these analyses, it is observed that the volume of orders has grown in recent times. The good news is that the entity is strengthening its team and today two new collaborators were presented to the Martins Castro team: a Portuguese and an Israeli. “We believe that, with these reinforcements, the waiting time for the issuance of certificates will thus reduce the process of nationality to run faster,” Martins said.

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