Martins Castro celebrates the full use of all his medical clients in the revalidation process in Portugal.


We ended 2018 with a lot to celebrate. Martins Castro achieved 100 of use in the first phase of the process of revalidation of the medical diploma in Portugal. Professionally, efficiently and didactically, the consultancy provided all the guidelines for the result to be favorable to all physicians concerned, from the list of necessary documents and profile of universities, to the dates of application. The first test, which will continue the process, will be held on January 10.


To doctors who are interested in revalidating the medical degree in Portugal, but have not yet applied, Martins Castro informs about the importance of starting the preparation of the documents requested in the first stage of the process.

“Right guidance and organization are two key elements for the successful approval of this first step, because only the doctors who contacted us in advance were that they were able to gather all the documents in time to submit the application”, highlights the lawyer and a partner of Martins Castro, Renato Martins.