Last Thursday (18.01) medical schools released the result of the written examination, the second stage of the process of revalidation of the medical diploma in Portugal.

Candidates who have not succeeded and intend to contest the outcome should be quick, as the deadlines are short.

Resource Request
The Regulation of the Process of Equivalence to the Integrated Study Cycle of the Master’s Degree in Medicine of portuguese medical schools provides, in its item VII, of letter a) of art number 1. 9, that applicants may make a request for consultation and review of the test within two working days of the publication of the result.

With the exception of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, which ended the deadline for appeals on Friday (18.01), requests for funds can be filed by Monday (21.01).

Form of appeal
First, the request for consultation and review of the proof by e-mail (e-mail) should be formalized. With the request made, the college will schedule the day and time of consultation to the test and feedback, which should be done in person, by the candidate or by attorney.
At the time of consultation, the candidate will have access to proof and it is important to check if the correction was performed properly, checking the counting of the right answers. There have already been cases where the final count was made incorrectly and, in such cases, the final score should be reviewed.

In the same act, a review of the issues that deserve to be reviewed by the examining board should be requested, joining the technical basis, based on the scientific literature, which supports such a request.

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