Many Brazilian doctors have sought an international career,and Portugal has presented itself as one of the great opportunities. The exercise of the profession in another country requires planning, organization, research and revalidation of its academic qualifications.

In Lusitanian lands, the exercise of Medicine is regulated by the Statute of the Order of Physicians (Law No. 117/2015 of August 31,with the appropriate changes). After three years of practice in Portugal, the professional can work in any country of the European Union.

The first step in exercising medicine in Portugal is the revalidation of the doctor’s degree. This revalidation is divided into 4 steps:

1) Submission of Documents.

It is necessary to run, therefore, as a rule, the deadlines are short and closed without notice.

2) Theoretical proof (objective).

The test is face-to-face and composed of 120 questions. It is necessary to hit 50 to be approved.

3) Practical proof.

Generally, this step consists in the evaluation of a patient production of a clinical history that will be evaluated by teachers.

4) Thesis defense.

The defense of thesis consists of academic work in the following ways: Dissertation; Monograph; Curriculum Report.

The revalidation of the medical diploma follows these four stages and all documents must be in accordance with the legislation in force in Portugal. In 2019 universities are publishing test schedules for revalidation, it is good to be aware of the deadlines stipulated.

Learn why Brazilian doctors are revalidating their diploma in Portugal!