Many candidates for Portuguese citizenship by sephardic route or by direct descent (children and grandchildren) choose to hire a consultancy to mediate the process. It is expected to have more security, tranquility and agility. However, in order for you to make the best choice for your need, we select 5 tips that will help in your decision.

1. Seek consulting references.

Knowing the opinion of clients and former clients is one of the most valuable tips when hiring a consultancy. Employee opinion is also very important. Find out about the quality of services, deadlines for deliveries, feedback and especially if the company establishes a relationship of trust with the public.

2. Find out about fees and fees.

All Processes of Portuguese citizenship imply the collection of fees. In the case of Portuguese citizenship by the sephardic route there are the rates of the Israeli Community of Lisbon (CIL) and the Conservatorio (common to all types of Portuguese citizenship). There is often also fees for collecting documents in notaries and in public archives.

Regarding the collection of fees,it is good to stay at the price charged by companies and payment methods. For example, an international consulting firm from lawyers may practice a payment policy other than a self-employed professional or a dispatcher. It is common for specialized consultancies to offer payment facilities.

3. Value the quality of service.

No customer is the same as the other. More than answering questions and asking questions, a quality care is one that makes a diagnosis of your case and points out the most appropriate solutions. Although the law is clear with respect to procedures, each client has its specificities. Because of this, the service has to be personalized and individualized.

4. Seek a specialized consultancy.

It is the type of care to have in any service provision, but the more specialized the service, but specialized has to be the company. The success of your Portuguese nationality depends on a process orientation. Portuguese legislation and institutions have a different functioning from many other countries.

5. Ask for a contract!

In any business relationship it is important to establish a written contract,because it is through it that the duties and rights of all parties are known. The contract is the device that will regulate issues such as execution, deadlines and fees. Cases of people who had problems in the search for Portuguese citizenship are common because they were not protected by a well-signed contract.

Portuguese citizenship via sephardic or direct descent is a dream and an opportunity for many families. It’s the rescue of stories and identities. In this sense, it is worth doing careful research so that your decision making is safe and quiet.

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