Portuguese citizenship via the sephardic route is one of those themes that arouse curiosity, but also a lot of mistrust and misinformation. After all, it is a recent achievement(Decree-Law 30-A is 2015) and, processes of dual nationality generate doubts and, consequently, create some myths. Here we list the main myths:

1. “This history of sephardic citizenship is a blow.”

Every day we talk to people from all over the world who believe that Portuguese citizenship through sephardic Jews is a trap of profiteers, a coup. But it’s not. There is a Portuguese law that grants this right: art. 6th, No. 7 of the Nationality Law (Law No. 37/81). That is, you can, without fear, respond to the genealogical pre-analysisform.

2. “It is not possible to prove connection with sephardic ancestor.”

In some cases, the genealogical study needs to go back 17 generations to find the sephardic ancestor. But as complicated as that may seem, it’s perfectly possible. To get an idea today, there are more than 40 Sephardic Jews cataloged and properly documented. In addition, hundreds of people in the world already do this process.

3. “Spouses and children are automatically entitled to citizenship by sephardic route.”

It’s not like that. The children of Portuguese (father or mother) born outside the national territory have the right to apply for the allocation of Portuguese nationality,provided that they carry out a manifestation of will in this regard. Spouses married to a Portuguese national may also apply for the acquisition of Portuguese nationality, by declaration, still in the constancy of marriage, provided that he has been married for more than three years and can prove effective connection with the Portuguese community.

4. “Just have a Portuguese surname to get sephardic citizenship.”

Last names are clues, but they don’t determine whether or not you’re descended from Sephardic Jews. To prove this link, a genealogical study is really necessary. The first step in this is to get birth, marriage or death certificates from your ancestors. You can check out a list of 5 important document types for proof of the sephardic link.

Information will always be the best alternative in the face of uncertainty (and often in the face of certainties). Knowing where to seek this information is equally important. That’s why we’re available to guide and help people win their dreams safely and responsibly.