MC Academy

The international mobility school for the new legal professional.


In a world that is increasingly free of national barriers, a new lifestyle is emerging: the freedom to “move” becomes an increasingly strong value for the first truly planetary generations.

The popularization of forms of remote work, the advancement of technologies that enable new ways of working and generating value in a network, the recent change in the relationship with the geography that surrounds us and even access to different types of visas and dual nationality, these are factors that give a new meaning to our bond with the countries where we were born and where we are used to living.

In this global context, understanding the issues of international human mobility becomes a prerequisite for anyone wishing to work in this new world of transnational possibilities.

With our courses, you will understand:

1. How to access European countries;
2. What are the opportunities for those who want to move;
3. Because to be part of this movement is to be connected with the real world.


Course: How to instruct the process and prove your Sephardic origins

Course: All about the regulation of the Portuguese Nationality Law