D2: Residence visa for self-employed and entrepreneurs

It may be required by those with a Service Agreement or by entrepreneurs in Portugal.


D2 Visa: Residence Visa for Self-Employed and Entrepreneurs, article 60 of Law 23/2007

This type of visa has a double facet, it can be required for those with a Contract for the Provision of Services or by entrepreneurs in Portugal.

We must not forget that for the issuance of the visa, the application must be accompanied by proof of payment of the corresponding fees, once again the fees may vary, depending on VFS or consulate.

After issuing the visa, which in general for VFS and consulates takes around 60 days (and may be less), the applicant has 120 days to move to Portugal.

About visas and residence permits

The residency visa in Portugal is always requested in the country of origin, or where the applicant has a regularized stay. In most parts of the world, the residency visa is applied for through the VFS (Visa Centers). However, there are still consulates that have all the steps to obtain a residence visa and that in turn can also aggregate the demands of other consulates, which is called jurisdiction.

Thus, before applying for a visa, it is crucial that we can confirm the corresponding jurisdiction and whether VFS is present where we intend to apply for the visa or whether it will be directly at the consulate.

Heads up:
Even with the general procedures established, we have to focus on the specific requests of each VFS and consulate, as they have their own requirements and may have different procedures for applying for a visa. Therefore, before applying for a visa, check individually the requirements specified on the website of the VFS or consulate where you intend to apply for the visa.

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