success cases – BRUNO MEDEIROS

Portuguese citizenship via sephardita united even more Natal family

Doctor Bruno Medeiros has just become a Portuguese citizen through sephardic Jews. His process at the Conservatory was completed in record time: 9 months. The average time is a year and a half. It is to be celebrated, because the future generations of the doctor potiguar will be born Portuguese citizens.

The interest in sephardic descent was born when he learned that some of his family members were doing the study to apply for Portuguese citizenship. For Bruno, becoming Portuguese is more than getting a European passport: “As the Portuguese government came to the understanding that it should correct the historical error of persecution of Sephardic Jews, I am honored to be able to return to my origins and know more about my ascendants,”he says.


The process of Portuguese citizenship by the sephardic route can take up to two years and has very specific procedures. Therefore, the doctor decided to hire Martins Castro Consultoria Internacional: “the process is laborious and bureaucratic, but it was certainly worth counting on the work of Martins Castro. In addition, the whole course brought together the family more and showed us our origins and the achievements and challenges of our ancestors.”