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Another potiguar family wins cil certification

It was a patient of dentist Marcos Medeiros who spoke to her for the first time about decree – Law 30-A/2015, which grants Portuguese nationality to the descendants of Sephardic Jews. This happened on one of his family visits from Rio Grande do Norte. Marcos, who is from São Paulo, discovered in the same period that the Medeiros were eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

Restless and curious, he went in search of more information until he found Martins Castro Consultoria Internacional and the genealogist to reassemble his family tree to the ascendant sephardic. Today, closer to obtaining Portuguese citizenship, the dentist and the family celebrate the certificate issued by the Israeli Community of Lisbon (CIL).

“Knowing where we came from, our history brings me a sense of welcoming,” says the dentist. The conquest of Portuguese citizenship is for many Brazilians the rescue of family origins and the way to new horizons.

The achievement of cil certification, an indispensable document in the process, had martins castro’s consultancy: “It is an extremely professional team. Everything has happened in a predictable and safe way!”, says the descendant of Sephardic Jews and future Portuguese citizen.