success cases – RAFAEL MELLO

The granting of Portuguese citizenship by the sephardic route requires qualified professionals

The conquest of the European passport was very troubled for the Ceará Rafael Mello. In 2017, he hired a dispatcher’s office to enter the Process of Portuguese citizenship via the sephardic route and faced several problems such as the loss of deadlines and the lack of clarity. “I narrowly didn’t have my file filed, so I started to accompany him myself,” he says.

It was during this period that Rafael met Martins Castro Consultoria Internacional that guided him in the final procedures of the process. Today, already a Portuguese citizen, he lives and works in Lisbon. Happy with the result, Ceará indicated to Martins Castro to the family: “It is currently Martins Castro who takes care of the process of my uncles and my father.”

Renato Martins, lawyer and partner of Martins Castro warns: “The law establishes requirements for the granting of Portuguese citizenship through sephardic Jews and the lawyer is the qualified professional to act in this type of process. Unlike the dispatcher, who has no legal license and does not know the legal procedures.”