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Amendment of the Insolvency and Corporate Recovery Code (CIRE)

Among the innovations that this transposition brought, the reduction of the period that includes the transfer of income stands out.

on February 11, 2022
Action opposing the acquisition of nationality

This text deals with the possibilities in which you can oppose the application for Portuguese nationality.

on February 11, 2022
The request for urgency in the process of application to the Portuguese nationality

In this text, our lawyers have listed some reasons that might justify such requests.

on November 9, 2021
What is e-Residency: Estonia's Virtual Residency

It is easy to hear about Estonia and think about the possibility to have a virtual residence in Estonia, ie to be part of the e-Residency program.

on October 6, 2021
The companies Estonia is looking for

As IT becomes the value driver in all sectors, Estonia is uniquely positioned as the scalable location of choice for digital business and knowledge.

on September 15, 2021
5 things you will only find in Estonia

From an underwater prison to a sports competition where people compete to perform a full 360° loop on a swing, Estonia is always amazing.

on September 15, 2021
Doing business in Estonia is doing business in the European Union Estonia.

Estonia is gradually gaining space in the international setting as the most digital country in the world and as a starting point for entrepreneurship in the European Union.

on September 15, 2021
Complete guide to the practice of medicine in Portugal

In Portugal, the practice of Medicine is regulated by the Statute of the Medical Association - Law No. 117/2015 of 31 August, with the necessary amendments.

on September 1, 2021
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