Golden Visa


The Golden Visa, Gold Visa or Residence Permit for Investment Activities (ARI), is a program designed to attract foreign investment to Portugal, instituted by Law nº 29/2012 of 09 August; and regulated by Regulatory Decree No. 15-A / 2015, of 02 September., whose main characteristic is the quick process dedicated to this requests submitted to the Portuguese authorities..

Citizens not belonging to the European Union, the European Economic Area or coming from Switzerland who wish to invest in Portugal and who do not intend to spend 6 months in the country - a minimum of 7 days in the first year and 14 in the following years. Another plus of the program is the possibility of traveling through the Schengen area without a need of visa.

Once the visa is issued, a residence permit must be requested, which will be valid for one year, when it must be renewed for successive periods of two years. Afterward, it is possible to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

There are three types of investments as ways to apply to the Golden Visa:

1. Capital Transfer;
2. Job creation;
3. Real estate investment. 

For this type of visa, the process must start with the search and choice of property, following the elaboration or review of the promissory purchase contract.

In this case, Martins Castro can assist in:

- Issuance of the Tax Identification Number (TIN);
- Guidance over the documents required for submission;
- Scheduling with the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF);
- Procedural monitoring;
- Monitoring the applicant to SEF;
- Orientation for family reunification;
- Guidance for renewing residence permits.

Related legislation:

Law of Foreigners - Law No. 23/2007, of 4 July;;

Law nº 29/2012 of 09 August;;

Regulatory Decree No. 15-A / 2015, of 02 September..

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