em 9 de novembro de 2021

The request for urgency in the process of application to the Portuguese nationality

em 9 de novembro de 2021

The request for urgency in the process of application to the Portuguese nationality

The process of applying to the Portuguese nationality usually generates anxiety and insecurity in applicants. Because of that, many request urgency for their processes, but missing the due legal knowledge to do so. The result could not be otherwise: Registry Office in Portugal denies the request for urgency.

It is worth pointing out that there is no legal provision in Portuguese law forcing the denial of an emergency request. This means that each case is analyzed individually, and the outcome depends on the reading of the Registrar.

All urgency requests should be made in writing and the reason for the request should be duly substantiated with documents. In this text, our lawyers have listed some of the reasons that might justify such requests.

1. Health treatment

Urgent requests may be justified for the treatment of serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, or special surgeries, for example. To that, it is important to prove that Portuguese citizenship is crucial to have access to health care in the European Union (EU).

2. Promise of employment contract

These cases demand documentary evidence that Portuguese nationality is indispensable to guarantee a job position and that, without this position, the applicant will be in a weak economic situation. Many companies in the EU use to hire only individuals who hold an EU passport. It is also important to prove that the job will enable the applicant to support themselves and their families.

3. Undocumented minor children

Applicants for the Portuguese nationality who have minor children living in any EU country, but who do not have identification documents for their children, may apply for an urgent request for consideration of their children’s nationality application. That is so because minors without such documents are in a vulnerable situation.

4. People over 75 years old

Old age is another factor that may contribute to the urgent request. That because Portuguese nationality can only be granted to people who are alive. Another reason that may justify this request is that people over 75 will also be the source for other family members to apply for nationality.

5. When the possibilities of visa renewal have been exhausted

For cases like this, the applicant for Portuguese nationality must be living in the European Union, and be able to provide documentary evidence that all possibilities of renewing their visa have been exhausted.

6. Students in economic vulnerability

Students may request urgency for Portuguese nationality when they are able to prove that the university fees are cheaper for nationals from any European Union country than for foreigners. Along with this they should also prove that this discount will benefit the applicant who is in a vulnerable economic situation. For example, without this discount the applicant would have to interrupt their studies. But beware, the tuition must have already been paid.

What does NOT justify the request for urgency

For being future and uncertain facts, ‘intentions’ or ‘plans’ do not justify an urgency request. Thus, requests will not be successful if they:

1. Are based on the intention of living in Portugal or in any EU country.
2. Argue an intention to get a job in Portugal or in any EU country.
3. Comprise plans to travel to Portugal, the EU, or other country.
4. Argue a desire to invest in Portugal or the EU.

Be careful about information that is posted in social media groups. Resort to reliable sources to understand and carry out your Portuguese nationality process.