on April 20, 2020

The advantages of revalidating the diploma in Portugal

on April 20, 2020

As vantagens de revalidar o diploma em Portugal

Professionals around the world are looking to build an international career and improve their CVs through these experiences. One of the preferred destinations is Portugal, as the country allows the revalidation of the diploma of courses such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and accounting. But, why is it worth revalidating your diploma in Portugal?

1. Employment opportunities

The dream of many professionals with excellent training is to work in a European country, where remunerated in euro, will be able to invest even more in qualification and still have the opportunity to visit other countries.

While some areas do not require the validation of the diploma, such as administration, letters, journalism, marketing, advertising and tourism, for example, for others, such as Medicine and accounting, professionals cannot act without going through the process.

With the revalidated dioploma, the professionals will be able to fill the vacancies destined to their qualification. In this case, starting ahead and not wasting time can mean winning unmissable opportunities. So it’s worth seek guidance from qualified companies experienced in this type of process.


2. International experience

The time when having a college degree was a guarantee of a good job is behind us. Nowadays, more knowledge, experience and differentials are needed to stand out, and international experience it can certainly boost the curriculum of a professional and make a difference in the competition for a good job.

If this is your case, how about working for a season in Portugal? The revalidation of your diploma can help open doors in Portuguese lands. Those who revalidate the diploma have another advantage: revalidation is forever, does not expire. If it is your wish, you can come back at another time.

3. The ease of the language

Many Brazilian professionals when choosing a international career take into account the ease of exercising the profession in your language. Despite the differences between the two countries, it is always more comfortable to communicate in your own language. But it is worth noting that speaking English in Portugal and Europe guarantees even better opportunities.



The validated diploma does not guarantee a legal status.

A frequent question for those seeking diploma validation is whether the process is a way of legalizing the professional's situation in Portugal. Unfortunately not! Validation allows you to practice your profession in the country, but you will need a residence permit to stay legal in the country.

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