5 lugares que muestran que Lisboa es una ciudad moderna

Lisboa, una de las principales ciudades portuguesas, combina lugares históricos y arquitectura moderna.

em May 10, 2021
5 lugares que mostram que Lisboa é uma cidade moderna

Conheça 5 lugares que mostram que a cidade que inspirou poetas e fadistas consegue se modernizar e encantar moradores e visitantes do mundo todo.

em May 6, 2021
Descendientes de los sefardíes: cómo conseguir la nacionalidad portuguesa

Como una forma de reparación histórica, la legislación portuguesa estipula conceder la nacionalidad por naturalización a los descendientes de judíos sefardíes.

em May 4, 2021
Las principales razones para buscar la nacionalidad portuguesa

La Ley de Reparación para los descendientes de sefardíes y la simplificación del proceso para los nietos de portugueses.

em April 26, 2021
eBook: Cidadania portuguesa por meio dos sefarditas

Portugal, por meio do Decreto-Lei 30-A/2015, concede a nacionalidade portuguesa, por naturalização,aos descendentes de judeus sefarditas.

em April 12, 2021
Who are Sephardic Jews and New Christians

Do New Christians and Sephardic Christians have the same meaning or have nothing to do with each other?

em March 3, 2021
3 dicas para começar a busca por um ancestral sefardita

More and more people have turned to genealogical research to document ties with Jewish ancestors to ensure approval of the process

em February 17, 2021
Entrevista: Escrita por Lira Neto, biografia dos judeus sefarditas deve chegar às livrarias em breve

The work will be dedicated to all the disinherited, exiles and refugees, people essentially marked by intolerance.

em February 3, 2021
Estudo genealógico revela surpresas sobre maior marcador da história do futebol mundial

Pesquisador brasileiro descobriu que Cristiano Ronaldo, estrela portuguesa e maior marcador da história do futebol mundial, tem ascendência sefardita.

em January 28, 2021
5 common mistakes when designing a genealogical study

The process begins with a genealogical study that aims to prove the parental connection with some Sephardic Jew.

em January 18, 2021
Os serviços da Martins Castro durante o novo confinamento em Portugal

Os nossos clientes podem continuar a contar com as nossas equipes para o seguimento do bom encaminhamento dos seus processos.

em January 15, 2021
“Decenas de miles de argentinos sefardíes podrían acceder a la nacionalidad portuguesa”

En Argentina se calcula que hay más de 50 mil personas que puede acceder a este beneficio.

em December 28, 2020
Founding partner and lawyer of Martins Castro will be in Argentina

With the aim of reporting on this issue and narrowing down the local community, Renato Martins travels to Buenos Aires between 8 and 11 December

on December 9, 2020
Myths about Portuguese citizenship through the Sephardic way

Portuguese citizenship through the Sephardic way is one of those topics that arouse curiosity, but also a lot of mistrust and misinformation.

Tiago Fernandes Per Tiago Fernandes on April 24, 2020
Portuguese nationality via Sephardic: the Conservatory approved, what now?

You become Portuguese from the signing of this document, and not from your birth.

on October 21, 2020
European Commission President cites Portugal as an example to be followed in the pandemic

Lisbon, according to the president, is today a reference in the digital world for having achieved a sustainable energy result.

on October 14, 2020
4 requirements for Portuguese nationality by Sephardic

Contrary to what some people still believe, it takes more than having Sephardic surnames or Jewish customs in the family.

on October 8, 2020
Amendments to the Nationality Law will be voted on next day 2

Portuguese nationality through Sephardic Jews is not subject to review by the plenary of the Assembly of the Republic.

on October 1, 2020
Israeli certification for Portuguese nationality by Sephardic

The certificate is an indispensable document for all people who want to achieve this type of Portuguese citizenship.

on September 22, 2020
5 types of important documents to prove the Sephardic bond

There are a number of important historical documents to prove Sephardic descent that are available for research.

Tiago Fernandes Per Tiago Fernandes on April 24, 2020
5 reasons why people seek Portuguese nationality by Sephardic

Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Israel are just some examples of countries that seek this type of nationality.

on September 18, 2020
Know where to start your genealogical study

Read this post carefully and at the end of the reading you can start your study immediately.

Tiago Fernandes Per Tiago Fernandes on April 24, 2020
“The adventures of Palhaço Piruá in Portugal” is featured on CCBNB

The video, originally a live broadcast during the quarantine period, initiated the Move Your Joy project

on September 7, 2020
Portuguese grandchildren: understand the veto of the president of Portugal

Marcelo rebelo vetoed part of the ninth amendment to the Portuguese nationality law. Understand the reasons for the veto and the steps following the president's decision.

Thiago Lino Per Thiago Lino on August 26, 2020
Law change facilitates citizenship for Portuguese grandchildren and spouses

The text brings a series of updates to the rules until then, facilitating the granting of naturalization for Portuguese grandchildren.

on August 13, 2020
Changes in Portuguese nationality law

We separated the 4 main aspects of these changes: descendants of Sephardic Jews, children of foreigners, grandchildren and spouses.

on August 4, 2020
Victory of the world Sephardic community: law change proposal retreats

PS withdraws proposal and sends the nationality regulation to the Executive Branch by Sephardic way

on July 20, 2020
Portuguese law paves the way for Brazilian families to discover their Jewish origins

Since 2015 the Portuguese government started to grant Portuguese nationality to the descendants of Sephardic Jews.

on July 14, 2020
Timeline: proposal to change the “Law of Nationality through Sephardic way”

Follow the updates of the proposal that wants to change the Portuguese law that grants citizenship to Sephardic descendants.

on June 26, 2020
Martins Castro's cultural project is contemplated by BNB public notice

“The adventures of Palhaço Piruá in Portugal” was played by actor Rodrigo Bruggemann and had a script and direction by Walter Velázquez.

on June 25, 2020
Homonyms: how to overcome this challenge of genealogy

Homonyms are a great challenge for those who are in genealogical research, whether professional or not.

Jerfson Lins Per Jerfson Lins em June 22, 2020
Israeli Community of Lisbon launches new procedures

CIL started to make a new system available on its website for filling out an online form to submit the entire process.

on June 16, 2020
The Inquisition and the persecution of the Sephardim: a moving summary

Created in the Middle Ages, in the 13th century, the Inquisition was an institution composed of several courts run by the Catholic Church.

Camila Amaral Per Camila Amaral on April 24, 2020
Find out how to find documents for your grandparents and great-grandparents

Here we have prepared some guidelines on the most important documents of your grandparents and great-grandparents and where you can find them.

on June 11, 2020
Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities Day

The date started to have the current symbolism and be considered a holiday, called the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities.

Jerfson Lins Per Jerfson Lins em June 22, 2020
Portuguese nationality for minor children of Sephardic Jews

This type of naturalization serves children who are minors, whose father or mother has become Portuguese after their birth.

on May 19, 2020
Aspects of the proposed amendment to the “Law of Nationality through the Sephardic way”

A proposal to change the so-called “Portuguese Nationality Law by the Sephardic way” was recently made public

on May 15, 2020
The revival of genealogy and its new horizons

The ease of access to the collections thanks to digitalization allowed anyone to search the origins of the families.

Jerfson Lins Per Jerfson Lins em June 22, 2020
The massacre of New Christians and the Law of Naturalization of Sephardic descendants

In 2020, five years will pass since the approval of Decree-Law no. 30-A-2015, which allows Portuguese citizenship to Sephardic descendants.

Jerfson Lins Per Jerfson Lins em June 22, 2020
Why more and more Brazilians seek Portuguese citizenship through the Sephardic way

From the dream of migrating to the desire to study and work in the European Union, thousands of Brazilians have discovered that they are descendants of Sephardic people.

on February 27, 2020
Martins Castro holds event in Mexico

The city of Monterrey, Mexico, will host another edition of the Sefardí Meeting, an event that clarifies doubts about the Portuguese citizenship process through the Sephardic way.

on January 13, 2020
5 tips for choosing a consultancy to take care of Portuguese citizenship

We have selected 5 tips that will help in your decision to hire a consultancy to take care of your Portuguese citizenship process.

Tiago Fernandes Per Tiago Fernandes on April 24, 2020
Why hire a genealogical study?

The starting point for Portuguese citizenship through the Sephardic way is the genealogical study. It is through this study that the genealogist identifies the Sephardic ancestor.

Tiago Fernandes Per Tiago Fernandes on April 24, 2020
Brazilians can help Portugal in the problem of demographic reduction

In view of the population decrease, the European country has adopted measures that favor Brazilians.

Tiago Fernandes Per Tiago Fernandes on April 24, 2020
Citizen Card: what it is and how to apply

This is the face-to-face identification document of the Portuguese citizen, by birth or by assignment, and replaces the identity card since 2010.

on November 12, 2019
Know the difference between tree and genealogical study

The whole process of Portuguese citizenship through Sephardic Jews is based on documentary evidence of genealogical ties.

Tiago Fernandes Per Tiago Fernandes on April 24, 2020
4 common mistakes in Portuguese citizenship processes at CIL

This process can be rejected by the institution. Knowing this, we have listed some of the most common mistakes at this stage.

on October 28, 2019
Brazilians prove Sephardic descent and achieve Portuguese citizenship

Direct is provided for in art. 6th, nº. 7 of the Nationality Law (Law 37/81).

Karoline Ximenes Per Karoline Ximenes on April 24, 2020
Step by step to find your Sephardic ancestor: the Torre do Tombo archive

The Torre do Tombo archive is one of the main ways to elaborate your genealogy and to find your Sephardic ancestor.

Private: Pedro Arruda Per Private: Pedro Arruda em June 22, 2020
CIL announces changes to Sephardic process protocol

The most important change will be in the way of sending the documents, which will now be 100% digital, through the official email of the entity.

on February 6, 2019
Martins Castro visits the Israeli Community of Lisbon this Monday (21)

Due to the waiting time for these analyzes, it can be seen that the volume of orders has grown recently.

Karoline Ximenes Per Karoline Ximenes on April 24, 2020