on November 27, 2019

Why hire a genealogical study?

on November 27, 2019

Por que contratar um estudo genealógico?

The starting point for Portuguese citizenship through the Sephardic route is the genealogical study. It is through this study that the genealogist identifies the Sephardic ancestor. Many people, however, are not convinced that they should hire this service. After all, “they are just old documents”. Therefore, we list 4 reasons why you should hire a genealogical study:

1. The genealogist can identify the Sephardic ancestor

It is important to say in advance that anyone, professional or not, can do a genealogical study. It turns out that, to find the new Christian ascendant, it is often necessary to go back to the 17th generation. That is, to raise documents that may date from the 17th century. For this, you need specialized technical knowledge, know the different lineages and identify the Sephardic ancestor.

2. Has the knowledge to read and decipher old documents

We are talking about paleographic knowledge. According to the National Archives, paleography is “the study of ancient writing, transcribes ancient and incomprehensible calligraphy for our current spelling, enabling access to the information contained in the documentation. It decrypts the handwritten documents. ” Have you tried to read any of these old documents for specific information?

3. Each Israeli Community requires a standard genealogical study

Once the Sephardic ancestor is found and with all generations properly documented, it is necessary to submit the study to the Israeli Community of Porto (CIP) or to the Israeli Community of Lisbon (CIL). Each requires a standard of presentation. The experienced genealogist in the process of Portuguese citizenship through the Sephardic way dominates these patterns and avoids rejections.

4. Paid service professionalizes the activity

Charging for a service characterizes a legal business. In other words, paying for a genealogical study obliges the contractor to deliver the agreed. In this sense, genealogy professionals are led to make the service more reliable and secure for the candidate for Portuguese citizenship through the Sephardic way. The written contract, for example, is the materialization of this pact and provides legal certainty and transparency for both parties regarding the responsibilities of each one.

To hire a genealogical study is the safest and most transparent option to start their citizenship process through Sephardic Jews. But first, it is important to make sure your case is viable. 


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