on October 21, 2020

Portuguese nationality via Sephardic: the Conservatory approved, what now?

on October 21, 2020

Nacionalidade portuguesa via sefardita: a Conservatória aprovou, e agora?

Those who are in search of Portuguese nationality for Sephardic people have heard that the process consists of three stages: the genealogical study, certification by an Israeli Community (from Lisbon - CIL or Porto - CIP) and the analysis of the Central Registry Office.

After the Conservatory analyzes and approves the applicant's information, it sends the data to the Ministry of Justice, which issues the birth certificate by naturalization. You become Portuguese from the signing of this document, and not from your birth.

With the naturalization seat in hand

Congratulations! You are now a naturalized Portuguese. But in order to fully exercise your citizenship, it is necessary that you request some fundamental documents:

Citizen Card

It is the identification document of the Portuguese citizen. It has a chip where it is possible to store all the citizen's personal information (voter registration card, taxpayer card, Social Security card and National Health Service card).

Tax Identification Number - TIN

It is a sequential number intended exclusively for the treatment of tax and customs information. It would be the European equivalent of the Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Registry - CPF.

Social Security Identification Number - NISS

The objective of NISS is to ensure the basic rights of citizens who carry out any professional activity in Portugal. There is a monthly discount on the salary of workers registered for the Social Security fund, used for retirement, parental leave, sick leave, unemployment, etc.

Portuguese passport

Finally, the not less important and much dreamed of Portuguese passport, which allows the mobility of its holder across all member countries of the European Union.

Stay tuned! The Sephardic process of naturalization is processed exclusively in Portugal, but after approval, some Portuguese documents can be removed via consulate.

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