on May 4, 2021

Descendants of the Sefardíes: how to get the European passport

on May 4, 2021

Descendientes de los sefardíes: cómo conseguir el pasaporte europeo

Sefardíes Jews are the Jews of the ancient and traditional communities of the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain). From the finals of Siglo XV onwards, the sefardíes were pursued by the State and the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisition, being forced to convert to Catholicism, which resulted in the expulsion from their territory, which led to the flight of thousands of Jews from several countries. American continent, such as Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela.

Portuguese nationality for descendants of Sephardic Jews

As a form of historical reparation, Portuguese legislation stipulates to grant nationality by naturalization to descendants of Sephardic Jews, as per Article 6, No. 7 of the Law of Nationality Portuguesa, Law No. 37/81, 3 of October 1981.


How to discover if you have a judio-sephardic ancestry

Several studies indicate that most Jews migrated to America (Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, among other countries). We have a team of associated genealogists who have identified several Jewish lines

on the American continent; Hundreds of genealogical studies have also been carried out with notoriety before various Israeli communities in various countries of America.

The previous study requires full names and last names of ancestors (priest, mother, abuelos and bisabuelos) as well as their birth and/or marriage cities. Based on this information, our equipment will be able to identify whether the Sephardic line exists.

IMPORTANT: DNA pruebas have no value for Portuguese citizenship through sefardí!

Understand the steps to apply for Portuguese citizenship


1. Genealogical study

The genealogical study is the basis for requesting Portuguese citizenship through the Jewish Sephardic route. This stage consists of an in-depth and elaborated investigation of its genealogical tree, from documents and books in public records. If the Sephardic descent is proven, we will continue with the process.

2. Israeli certificate

After the conclusion of the genealogical study, the report must be sent to the Israeli Community of Lisbon (CIL), together with the request and all the personal documentation, so that the entity can analyze the process and issue a certificate confirming your descendants. . The duration of this stage is from two to six months.

This is a very important and critical phase of the process. Candidates for nationality are frequented via the Sephardic route, do not send all the required documents or leave the deadlines; As a result, there was a delay in the process, especially for those residing in the American continent. Therefore, hiring a serious and specialized consulting group is essential.


3. Portuguese citizenship

Once obtained the Certificate issued by the Israeli Community of Portugal, other documents are required to enter the process of Portuguese nationality by means of naturalization. The process must be oriented so that all progress is made in accordance with the Law. Here, once again, the support of specialists is essential.