on September 21, 2020

5 types of important documents to prove the Sephardic bond

on September 21, 2020

5 tipos de documentos importantes para a comprovação do vínculo sefardita

There are a number of important historical documents to prove Sephardic descent and are available for research. Many, including are free. We created a list to help them.

Here it is important to go back as far as possible in your ancestry. It is time to collect the certificates of your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-grandparents etc. This is no big deal. Here are the documents that can be used:

1. Birth / christening records

2. Death records

3. Marriage records

Important: your grandparents 'marriage certificate also contains your great-grandparents' records. That is, it already makes it easier! In the absence of certificates, ask older family members about the place of birth, marriage or death of your grandparents or great-grandparents. Knowing this, you can consult the registry offices in these regions. Contacts from all notary offices can be obtained via the Internet, in a quick consultation.

4. On the website www.familysearch.org

This website is the main tool for those who want to make their own genealogy. Start exploring it!

5. Bibliographies

• Nobiliarquia Pernambucana: Available online, written by JV Borges da Fonseca in the second half of the 18th century, with several families from Pernambuco and some from other states, such as Ceará, Paraíba and Sergipe.

• Magazines from Historical Institutes: with several articles, some of them dealing with genealogies of different families.

• Sobralense Chronology: written by Father Sadoc de Araújo, the series of 5 books is mandatory for those with roots in the city of Sobral (CE). In addition to tracing day by day what has happened in Sobral since its foundation, the work records the trajectory of the oldest families in the northern region of Ceará.

• Paulistana Genealogy: written by Luís Gonzaga da Silva Leme between the years 1903 and 1905, the nine volumes of the work bring more than two thousand pages about the families that populated São Paulo and from there occupied the rest of the country.

• Genealogical catalog of the main families of Frei Jaboatão: Frei Jaboatão registers more than 150 families in his famous genealogical catalog, especially from the Bahia region.

• Nobiliarquia Paulistana: Pedro Taques notes the descent of 25 families in his Nobiliarquia paulistana. In his work it is possible to know the trajectory of several settlers in Brazil.

• Academic articles, dissertations and theses already published: the scientific rigor observed in the countless works produced by researchers from several universities throughout Brazil gives this material, many times, more reliability than several better known genealogical works.

There are many sources of research to prove the connection with Sephardic people and you can discover others as you go along with your research. We wish you success in your research!

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