on March 5, 2024

Martins Castro in the Media: Diário do Nordeste (Brazil)

on March 5, 2024

Martins Castro na Mídia: Diário do Nordeste (Brasil)

Couple from Fortaleza obtains Portuguese citizenship after discovering Jewish family expelled from European country
Decree-Law provides documentation for relatives of Jews expelled due to religious persecution


When revisiting her own family tree, occupational therapist Luciana Abreu, 48, discovered a connection with the Sephardic Jews – a community expelled from Europe due to religious persecution. Through a process of historical reparation, she obtained Portuguese citizenship and left Fortaleza for Lisbon, where she has lived with her husband in the country since last October.

This possibility was created by Portugal through Decree-Law No. 30-A, of 2015. The legislation defines Sephardic Jews as descendants of the traditional Jewish communities of the Iberian Peninsula.

But to obtain documentation, as Luciana emphasizes, in addition to finding the connections, it is necessary to prove them and this requires analysis that can reach up to 15 generations. For the couple, this opportunity represents family identification and the path to living in the country.


“As they specialize in this, they already have various Jewish-Sephardic connections that reach Brazil. They already have all the lineages and need to connect them to the family tree”, adds Alessandro about the monitoring by the Martins Castro Consultoria Internacional office.

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