on March 4, 2024

Webinar Caminhos da Nacionalidade clarifies doubts about Portuguese nationality through the Sephardic route

on March 4, 2024

Webinar Caminhos da Nacionalidade esclarece dúvidas sobre a nacionalidade portuguesa por via sefardita

With the recent changes to the Nationality Law, many questions have arisen in the Sephardic community. These doubts can affect both people who are already in the process of obtaining nationality, and those who are in the process of verifying their eligibility to access the right.

To provide reliable and safe information to interested parties, Martins Castro created the webinar “Paths of Nationality”, taught by Erica Santos and Patrícia Barros, experienced professionals in the field and capable of clarifying the most complex points on this topic.

During this webinar, fundamental topics will be covered in relation to this subject. Among them, you will have the opportunity to understand:
• What were the effective changes that occurred in the Nationality Law
• How these changes impact processes already underway
• What are the procedures for initiating new nationality applications
• What are the requirements currently in force for obtaining nationality.

The main objective is to demystify the process of obtaining nationality and provide all interested parties with a clear and safe path to access this right.

The first step in seeking your rights is to have access to quality information with trained experts.

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