on December 9, 2020

Founding partner and lawyer of Martins Castro will be in Argentina

on December 9, 2020

Socio fundador y abogado de Martins Castro estará en Argentina

Just as in other parts of the South American continent that housed thousands of emigrants from the Sefarad region –in what is now known as the Iberian Peninsula–, in Argentina there is an important community of descendants of Sefardíes: it is estimated that a 30% of the community judía of the country has this origin on the maternal or paternal part. Many of them –over 50,000– could obtain the Portuguese nationality, if they comply with a series of requirements.

With the aim of informing about this decision and strengthening ties with the local community, Renato Martins, lawyer specialized in international law and founding partner of Martin Castro, travels to Buenos Aires between the 8th and the 11th of December. Martins will meet with her Asociación Mutual Istraelita Argentina (AMIA) y there Asociación Israelita Sefaradi Argentina (AISA), among other institutions.

At the moment, the descendants of sefardíes must demonstrate current connections with Portugal in Portuguese in order to access the country's passport, which corresponds to them according to Organic Law No. 1/2013 and Decree Law 30-A / 2015, promulgated by the State of Portugal in 2015 as the point of a profound historical reparation.

“The Portuguese nationality opens up a world of possibilities, because it implies accessing a European passport, es decir, It opens the port to a block of 27 countries in which one cannot live, work, study and have various life experiences. But, in addition to these more concrete benefits, it is also valuable to access a cultural heritage, having the possibility of connecting with a legacy that belongs to the families that can enjoy this benefit, and passing it on from generation to generation”, explains Martins.