on October 28, 2019

4 common mistakes in Portuguese citizenship processes at CIL

on October 28, 2019

4 erros comuns nos processos de cidadania portuguesa na CIL

With the genealogical study ready and the Sephardic ascendant identified, it is time to move forward with the process for Portuguese citizenship: send documentation for CIL (Israeli Israeli Community) or for CIP (Israeli Community of Porto). This process can be rejected by the institution. Knowing this, we have listed some of the most common mistakes at this stage.

1. Think that CIL or CIP is part of the Portuguese State

THE CIL and the CIP are religious institutions and not Portuguese State bodies. They were chosen to validate genealogical studies and to issue the Sephardic bond certificate, necessary to grant Portuguese nationality. As such, they are autonomous institutions and manage processes in the manner and time they deem appropriate.  For example: there is no rule that regulates the time for issuing the certificate. On average, they can take 3 to 6 months. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

2. Think that only sending the genealogical report meets the requirements of CIL and CIP.

It is common for candidates for Portuguese citizenship through the Sephardic way to think that sending the genealogical report is sufficient. The family tree, for example, needs to be in a specific model established by the institutions. Other personal documents are also required, including the application. It is important to pay close attention to completing this requirement, because any error or any inconsistency can generate a rejection. Hence the importance of being well oriented.

3. Starting the process at CIL or CIP is not starting the process of Portuguese nationality.

The conclusion of each stage of the citizenship process through the Sephardic way should be celebrated. With CIL and CIP it is no different. However, it must be made clear that the achievement of the Certificate is not the same as the Portuguese nationality itself. It is still necessary to enter the process at the Conservatory and wait analysis of all legal requirements, which can take up to 15 months. Israeli communities attest to ancestry, but it is the state that grants citizenship.

4. There is no “Brazilian way” with CIL and CIP.

The culture of the “Brazilian way” has no place in the process of Portuguese citizenship through the Sephardic way. There is no “way” to shorten waiting times, skip steps or avoid fees. THE Proper guidance is the only way to streamline the process. In addition, it is necessary to respect the time required by the institutions.

It is difficult to deal with anxiety when we are in search of Portuguese citizenship through Sephardim, but it is essential to know well how each stage works and be patient. THE good orientation makes all the difference to the success of your process.

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