on April 9, 2021

Paula Leite Barros' family

on April 9, 2021

Família de Paula Leite Barros

The family history of Paula Leite de Barros in Brazil begins with Pedro Vaz de Barros. Son of Jerônimo Pedroso and Joana Vaz de Barros, he and his brother António Pedroso migrated to Brazil at the end of the 16th century. They arrive in Brazilian lands through Rio de Janeiro, but they don't stay in the city for long. Records show that, in the early years of the 17th century, Pedro settled in Sao Paulo.

 It was in the city of São Paulo that the meeting of families brought together the surname of Paula Leite de Barros. The origin of this composition lies in the descendants of Francisco de Paula Leite de Barros, great-grandson of Pedro Vaz de Barros, and Maria de Goes Brown. Maria, in addition to being descended from Pedro Vaz de Barros, had a connection with António Bicudo Carneiro and the sevillian Bernardo de Quadros.

 Paula Leite de Barros' family has Sephardic ancestry in two branches., since both António Bicudo and Pedro Vaz de Barros are recognized and certified by the Israeli Community of Lisbon as Sephardic ancestors. Pedro Vaz de Barros's social status as a New Christian is evidenced by the inquisitorial processes of his sisters, Lucrécia and Bernarda Pedrosa, both convicted of the crime of Judaism.

Today it is known that the descendants of Pedro Vaz de Barros, from Sao Paulo, migrated and settled mainly in the states of South and Southeast of Brazil. Paula Leite Barros' family, more specifically, has a strong presence in the Itu region (SP).

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