on May 3, 2021

8 questions about Portuguese nationality for grandchildren of Portuguese

on May 3, 2021

8 dúvidas sobre a nacionalidade portuguesa para netos de portugueses

In November 2020 the Nationality Law Portuguese has undergone changes and since then many doubts have arisen. Among the points impacted by these changes is the attribution of Portuguese nationality to Portuguese grandchildren. In this article we clarify the main doubts about the subject.


1. What do you need to prove to be entitled to Portuguese nationality as a Portuguese grandson?

With the amendments to the Law on Portuguese Nationality, currently, grandchildren of Portuguese need to prove the Portuguese nationality of the grandfather/grandmother, their parentage (son or daughter of Portuguese or Portuguese) and the domain of the Portuguese language. This last requirement is considered satisfied when the grandson is from a country where the official language is Portuguese, as in the case of Brazil.

2. How can I prove the Portuguese nationality of my grandfather/grandmother?

The regulation of the Portuguese Nationality Law establishes that this proof must be done through the birth or baptistery seat of your Portuguese grandfather/grandmother.

3. If I don't have a birth or baptistery record, what can I do?

Possession of the birth certificate or the baptistery are essential for the beginning of the process of attributing Portuguese nationality. However, if you do not have these documents in hand, it is possible to try to get a copy in Portugal. For this it is essential that you know the full name, date of birth, parentage (parents' names), the municipality and parish in which your grandfather/grandmother was born.


4. I have my grandfather's/grandmother's birth certificate or baptistery. What other documents will I need?

Each case is different and the list of documents may vary depending on the framing of each one. In general, the other documents that are necessary are, as a rule, personal documents that do not present greater difficulties in being obtained.

5. What is the cost of applying for Portuguese nationality?

Here again the rule applies that each case is different. Values may differ, for example, depending on the necessary documentation and the State of origin of the grandchild requesting the nationality.

6. Both my grandfather and my grandmother are Portuguese. Do I need to present their birth certificate or baptistery?

No. Proof of v is enough.link with one of them for the process to be forwarded.


7. I am a great grandson of Portuguese. Can I also apply for nationality?

The Portuguese Nationality Law determines that “individuals with at least one ascendant of Portuguese nationality originating from the 2nd degree in the straight line who has not lost that nationality” have the right to be granted Portuguese nationality. This means that for a great-grandson to have the right, the grandson must first apply for and have Portuguese nationality attributed to him.

The logic is relatively simple. The moment the grandson has nationality, he is considered Portuguese from birth, and a Portuguese birth certificate is even issued with his/her data. Thus, you, who were, in principle, a Portuguese great-grandson, are now considered a Portuguese son, as your father (Portuguese's grandson) is now also Portuguese. It is in this context that the great grandson is entitled to the attribution of Portuguese nationality. In other words, not for being a great grandson, but for becoming the son of a Portuguese.

8. I am a great grandchild of Portuguese, but my father is now deceased and never applied for Portuguese nationality. Is it possible to place the order on his behalf so that I can file my case later?

Do not. The applicant for nationality must be alive at the time the application for granting nationality is made.

Have you read this article and been confused by some of the terms used? Don't worry, we've prepared a short dictionary to help you understand any unfamiliar terms. In addition, if you still have any questions about the process of attributing nationality to a Portuguese grandson, please contact us through our communication channels.