on September 16, 2020

The Bicudos, members of the Portuguese court

on September 16, 2020

Os Bicudos, membros da corte portuguesa

The history of Bicudo family starts on the paradisiacal and beautiful São Miguel Island, the largest of the Azores archipelago, which integrates the territory of Portugal. On several occasions the island was an important commercial center and starting point for many settlers who arrived in Brazil.

At a time of relative peace for the Jews, the Bicudos exercised bureaucratic positions in the Portuguese crown. It is the case of the known Sephardic patriarch Vicente Anes Bicudo, who was the registrar of the crown. Vicente married the old Christian Mécia Nunes and had 9 children. One of them, Matias Bicudo, was a spy for the kingdom, a type of 16th century Portuguese Bond.


The other children of the couple were Antônio Bicudo Carneiro (married to Isabel Rodrigues Velho), Jerônima Nunes (married to Pedro Afonso Caldeira), Isabel Nunes Bicudo (married to Pedro Alvares) and, Nuno Nunes Bicudo (married to Margarida Mendes Pereira). There is no marriage record of Guiomar Nunes Bicudo, Beatriz da Conceição Nunes Bicudo, Manuel Nunes Bicudo, Francisco Nunes Bicudo and Matias Bicudo.

The first member of the Bicudo family to arrive in Brazil was Antonio Bicudo, son of Vicente Anes Bicudo, ombudsman of the Captaincy of São Vicente (which included the current territory of the state of São Paulo). Marriage with Isabel Rodrigues Velho 9 children were born who spread throughout the Brazilian territory, especially South and Southeast of the country, and gave rise to other families with Sephardic descent.

A summary of the Bicudos' offspring

Patriarch: Vicente Anes Bicudo


Campaign City:
Freitas Family

Municipality of Carmo de Minas:
Carneiro Family

Municipality of Natércia:
Carneiro Family:

Pitangui Municipality:
Family Campos
Campos Cordeiro Family
Lamb Family

Pouso Alto Municipality:
Freitas Family

Municipality of São Gonçalo do Sapucaí
Family Jesus


City of Curitiba:
Baptista Family
Biscay family


City of Araçoiaba
Oliveira Prestes Family

City of Guaratinguetá
Santiago Louzada Family
Louzada Family
Cabral Family

City of Itapetininga
Oliveira Prestes Family

City of Itú
Pimental Family
Almeida Family
Vieira Family
Family Milk
Prado Family
Almeida Prado Family
Pedrozo Family

City of Porto Feliz
Vieira Family

Sao Paulo City
Brito Family
Alvarenga Family
Leme Family
Mendonça Family
Family Frames
Sá Family
Siqueira Family

City of Santana da Paraíba
Bicudo Family
Pimentel Family
Arruda Family
Family Frames

City of Santana da Parnaíba
Pimental Family

Sorocaba City
Oliveira Prestes Family


Important to remember: Last names are indications, but they do not determine whether or not you are descendants of Sephardic Jews. To prove this link, a genealogical study is really necessary.