on June 2, 2021

Handbook: your next steps in the European Union

on June 2, 2021

Manual: os seus próximos passos na União Europeia

Now that your Portuguese citizenship is a reality and that your birth certificate has been issued or is in the process of being issued, it is time to think about the next steps that will bring not only Portugal, but the entire European Union even closer to you.

In this manual, we present the possibilities in which we can help you and your family to take advantage of the opportunities that Portugal and the European Union have to offer.

1. Passport and citizen card

For people who have already completed the nationality process, having a passport and a Portuguese citizen card will allow them to travel without having to go through long immigration lines and enter any country in the European Union without the need for a visa or residence permit.

The Citizen's Card is also necessary for day-to-day bureaucracies, such as renting a property, purchasing a vehicle, opening a bank account, enrolling in an educational institution, etc.

Documents can be requested at the Portuguese consulate in the new citizen's country of residence or at the Citizen's Shops in Portugal. In these, the document issuance process tends to be faster and it is possible to request urgency. With this order, the document is ready in 24 hours.

2. Fast tracking of the process and birth certificate

When Portuguese nationality processes are initiated, it is common for the process to be initiated at the Central Registry Office in Lisbon or at the Central Archive of Porto. After the beginning of the instruction, the processes can be forwarded to other Registry Offices in Portugal for the conclusion of the process and issuance of the birth certificate, where there is a time difference in the processing of the process, some being faster and others at a slightly slower pace. slow.

But there are some ways to speed up the granting and completion of the process and the issuance of the birth certificate, for example, through urgent requests. There are several hypotheses that the candidate for Portuguese nationality can use to justify a priority processing of the process and accelerate its conclusion, as is the case of people who live in Portugal or some other European Union country; health and humanitarian issues; and even when there is interest in studies or investment in these countries.

3. Nationality for minor children

Minor children of parents who have achieved Portuguese nationality can also apply for nationality and benefit from the rights of a European citizen. For the children, however, it is necessary to fulfill some requirements, such as proof of a bond with the Portuguese community.

As proof of ties to the Portuguese community, certification issued by a Sephardic community can be presented, frequent trips to Portugal, ownership in the name of parents, knowledge of the Portuguese language or participation in Portuguese cultural life in the applicant's country of residence. The latter case can be attested through the connection with Portuguese cultural, sporting or recreational associations.

This proof can be done by the parents, since the minor, as a rule, does not have the autonomy to act in his own name.

4. Nationality for spouses

The spouse of the Portuguese national can also acquire nationality through marriage or signing a common-law marriage.

The main requirement for these cases is proof that the celebration of the marriage or union between the applicant and the Portuguese national took place at least 3 years ago.

In cases of nationality for a spouse, it is also important to demonstrate a link with the Portuguese community, such as having the NIF, being registered in the health system, having a bank account, among others.

5. Visas and residence permit: types

For cases where the family intends to migrate to Portugal soon and does not want to wait for the completion of other processes, there are several types of visas available to ensure the permanence of the whole family in Portuguese territory. If the idea is to migrate to another country in the European Union, there are also possibilities for the whole family.

The main residence permit for the Portuguese national's relative is family reunification. In this case, it will be necessary to prove that the family has its own income to pay for everyone's life in Portugal.

If the nationality process has not yet been completed and the applicant intends to come and live in Portugal, there is the possibility of applying for the following visas:

– Entrepreneur and Startup Visa, through the constitution of a company;
- Student;
– Subordinate or independent work;
– Tech Visa;
– From own income;
– Golden Visa.

6. TIN

The Tax Identification Number (NIF) is the first document that the applicant for Portuguese nationality or the new national must obtain.

NIF opens doors and makes life easier in Portugal. It is a mandatory document and can be obtained at any time, there is no need to wait for the end of the nationality process.

7. Bank account

Having a bank account in Portugal can also help with several factors, especially when you intend to live or invest in Portugal. In general, the process is quick and Martins Castro has partner banks to make the process simpler.

8. Non-Habitual Resident

The Non-habitual Resident regime allows citizens to benefit from some very attractive tax advantages over a 10-year period. To benefit from this regime, it is necessary not to have been a tax resident in Portugal in the last 5 years, to have an active NIF, and not to have debts with the Finances, the Portuguese tax authority.

9. Driving License

Having a valid driving license in Portugal is essential to be able to travel without any problem in the country and in the European Union. In Portugal, driving licenses issued abroad can be used to drive for the first 180 days of stay in the country. After this period it is necessary to have a driving license from Portugal or another European Union country.

Some countries have agreements that only allow the transfer of the license to Portugal, in other cases, it will be necessary to go through the qualification process.

10. Recognition of foreign academic qualifications

Recognition of academic qualifications is the first path for those who intend to exercise their training profession in Portugal. The process is carried out by the General Directorate of Higher Education (DGES) and there are some types of recognition, such as automatic, level and specific.

To carry out the request for recognition of qualifications, it is necessary to know the candidate's training for the framework of the process.

11. Investment in real estate: Real Estate

Portugal has a strong real estate market and investing in this sector of buying and selling real estate can be a good path for those who want to earn income in the country. In this case, it is important to have an experienced consultancy able to guarantee a universe of services so that the process runs simply and safely.

12. Incorporation of a company

 Today Portugal is considered one of the main technological hubs in Europe. For those who work or invest in technology-related areas and want to open a company, Portugal offers several benefits for startups to settle in the country.

If that's not the case for you, that's fine. The process of setting up a company in a traditional model is also done in a simple and fast way, with the company being able to operate in a short period of time.

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