Doing business in Estonia is doing business in the European Union Estonia.

Estonia is gradually gaining space in the international setting as the most digital country in the world and as a starting point for entrepreneurship in the European Union.

em September 15, 2021
5 coisas que você só vai encontrar na Estônia

Conheça 5 coisas que você só vai encontrar na Estônia, ou quase, porque não dá para ter certeza sem conhecer todos os países do mundo de maneira profunda.

em September 9, 2021
As empresas que a Estônia está buscando

A Estônia se posiciona de maneira única como o local escalável para o conhecimento e para os negócios digitais.

em September 9, 2021
Empreender na Estônia é empreender na União Europeia

Aos poucos o paós ganha espaço no ambiente internacional como o país mais digital do mundo e como ponto de partida para empreender na União Europeia.

em September 9, 2021
Guia completo para o exercício da medicina em Portugal

Em Portugal, o exercício da Medicina está regulado pelo Estatuto da Ordem dos Médicos - Lei n.o 117/2015 de 31 de agosto, com as devidas alterações.

em September 1, 2021
8 beneficios de la ciudadanía portuguesa

En un mundo súper conectado y en constante cambio, cada vez más personas sueñan con lograr la doble ciudadanía y un segundo pasaporte.

em August 16, 2021
5 places that show that Lisbon is a modern city

Lisbon, one of the main Portuguese cities, combines historical places and modern architecture.

em August 15, 2021
8 benefícios da cidadania portuguesa

Em um mundo super conectado e em constante mudança, cada vez mais pessoas sonham em conquistar uma dupla cidadania e um segundo passaporte.

em August 13, 2021
5 places that show that Lisbon is a modern city

Discover 5 places that show that the city that inspired poets and fado singers manages to modernize and delight residents and visitors from around the world.

em August 12, 2021
Como os netos de portugueses podem conquistar a cidadania portuguesa

Um dos requisitos para o pedido de nacionalidade do neto é a necessidade de comprovar a nacionalidade do português.

em July 9, 2021
Handbook: your next steps in the European Union

From the Citizen Card to the formation of companies. Portugal: gateway to the European Union.

on June 2, 2021
The main reasons to search for Portuguese nationality

The Law of Reparation for the descendants of sefardies and the simplification of the process for the grandchildren of Portuguese.

on April 26, 2021
European Commission President cites Portugal as an example to be followed in the pandemic

Lisbon, according to the president, is today a reference in the digital world for having achieved a sustainable energy result.

on October 14, 2020
5 reasons why people seek Portuguese nationality by Sephardic

Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Israel are just some examples of countries that seek this type of nationality.

on September 18, 2020
“The adventures of Palhaço Piruá in Portugal” is featured on CCBNB

The video, originally a live broadcast during the quarantine period, initiated the Move Your Joy project

on September 7, 2020
Brazilian accountants can revalidate the diploma to work in the European Union

There are criteria that must be met for this to occur. The first is to go through the diploma revalidation process.

on May 25, 2020
Portugal stands out as a migratory destination for Brazilian professionals

The country offers the possibility of revalidating the diploma of courses such as medicine

on March 12, 2020
The 2020 calendar for the revalidation of the medical degree in Portugal is out

The exercise of the profession in another country requires planning, organization, research and the revalidation of your academic qualifications.

on February 26, 2020
Step by step to revalidate your academic diploma in Portugal

More and more qualified Brazilian professionals choose Portugal to live and work. In many cases it is necessary to revalidate the diploma of higher education.

on February 17, 2020
Brazilians can help Portugal in the problem of demographic reduction

In view of the population decrease, the European country has adopted measures that favor Brazilians.

Tiago Fernandes Per Tiago Fernandes on April 24, 2020
Why Brazilian doctors are revalidating the diploma in Portugal

There are currently about 765 Brazilian doctors enrolled in the Portuguese Medical Association.

on October 23, 2019
Medical Examination Appeal for Diploma Revalidation in Portugal

Medical schools released the result of the written exam, the second stage of the medical certificate revalidation process in Portugal.

on January 20, 2019