on December 27, 2022

The request for urgency in the Portuguese nationality process

on December 27, 2022

O pedido de urgência no processo de nacionalidade portuguesa

When is it possible to request an urgent assessment in a Portuguese nationality process? 

First, it is important to highlight that obtaining Portuguese nationality is a medium and long-term process, the procedures of which can sometimes generate anxiety in applicants. According to the rules established by the Conservatory, a process can currently take between 24 and 29 months. 

The first phase of the process is the longest, between the delivery of the application and the beginning of the analysis, the procedure lasts about 9 to 12 months, and this period can be extended. Another relevant factor is the fact that within the Registry, the progress of each process depends on the work methodology of each conservator.

Regarding the urgent request, it is important to inform that there is no legal provision in Portuguese law that forces the granting of the request. In other words, it is a discretionary act, in which each case is analyzed individually and the result depends on the interpretation of the responsible registrar.

All urgent requests must be made in writing and your reason needs to be duly substantiated with documents. In this text, our jurists have listed the reasons that may justify these requests.

1. Health treatment in Portugal

Urgent requests can be justified to the treatment of serious illnesses such as diabetes, cancer or special surgeries, for example. For this, it is important to prove that, in order to have access to health care in Portugal, Portuguese citizenship is essential.

2. People over 75 years old

Advanced age is another factor that can contribute to the urgent request. This because Portuguese nationality can only be attributed to living persons. Another reason that may justify this request is that people over 75 years old will also be the source for other family members to apply for nationality.

3. Refugees and stateless persons 

Refugees are people who have had to leave their countries due to wars or because of their race, religion and political issues. These people are often unable or unwilling to return to their countries because of these persecutions. Stateless persons are persons who do not have a nationality recognized by any country. 

What does NOT justify the urgent request

  1. Only the intention to live in Portugal or in any EU country.
  2. The intention to get work in Portugal or in any EU country.
  3. Promise of work in Portugal or in any EU country.
  4. Plans to travel to Portugal, EU or another country.
  5. Plans to invest in Portugal or the EU.
  6. Undocumented minor children.
  7. When the visa renewal possibilities have been exhausted.
  8. Students in economic vulnerability.

Heads up: Be careful with information that is shared in groups on social media. Surround yourself with reliable sources to understand and conduct your Portuguese nationality process.