on February 17, 2020

Step by step to revalidate your academic diploma in Portugal

on February 17, 2020

Passo a passo para revalidar o seu diploma acadêmico em Portugal

Increasingly qualified Brazilian professionals choose Portugal to live and work. In many cases, revalidate the diploma of higher education to practice the profession in the country. Knowing this, follows a step by step that will help professionals who make this decision.

1st Step: the types of recognition of diplomas

Initially, it must be kept in mind that not every course or profession is recognized in the same way. There are three types of recognition that differ in the depth of analysis:

Automatic: there is a generic recognition of a foreign higher education degree or diploma that has the same level, objectives and nature as the Portuguese degrees of bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, or of diplomas of professional superior technician.

Of level: it is carried out by comparing, individually, the foreign diploma or degree of higher education with a level corresponding to a Portuguese diploma or academic degree.

Specific: guarantees the validation of a foreign higher education degree or diploma identical to an academic degree or diploma of Portuguese higher education. For this, an analysis of the level, duration and programmatic content of a determined area of training, branch of knowledge or specialty is made.

Each type of recognition is intended for a specific purpose. Each case is different. It is essential to keep in mind the objective of recognition and its specificities, so that you do not waste time and can make your dreams come true more quickly. To do this, seek guidance from professionals with experience in this type of process.

2nd Step: the documents

In general, the following are required:
Undergraduate degree;
History (higher education);
Menu / syllabus of all courses taken;
Declaration with final classification of the course.

Important: It should be checked if there is any specificity required by the chosen university. Some courses in Portugal, for example, require that all pages of college documents be signed by the professional responsible for issuing them.

Porto, Portugal

3rd Step: the choice and approval at the university

After choosing the university, you must take the exams and get approved. Here it is important to note the equivalence of the curricula of the Brazilian college with the Portuguese college. The closer the resumes are, the more chances of approval. The reverse is also true. Therefore, it is necessary that the candidate be well oriented during the process, so that he does not experience the inconvenience of having the documentation disapproved and having to go back to the beginning, wasting time and financial investment.

4th Step: registration with class councils and institutions

Revalidation approved, it's time to sign up for class councils or institutions. This will also vary depending on the course / profession. At this stage, it is possible for new documents to be requested. Like the whole process, good guidance is essential for this step to be overcome quickly, after all, not everyone has time to resolve each of these bureaucratic issues.