on February 2, 2021

5 questions about nationality for grandchildren of Portuguese

on February 2, 2021

5 dúvidas sobre a nacionalidade para netos de português

There is a growing number of people interested in starting the process of attributing Portuguese nationality for being a Portuguese grandson. With that, we also noticed that some doubts became recurrent. It is precisely to clarify these issues that we spoke with Thiago Huver, a lawyer and partner here at Martins Castro.

Huver, one of the first doubts is about the need to prove the Portuguese nationality of the grandfather or grandmother. Is this proof important? How can it be done?

Thiago Huver: For the nationality process for grandchildren of Portuguese, in fact, it is essential to prove the origin of the Portuguese grandfather or grandmother. This proof of nationality can be done through the birth certificate, which for Brazilians is the equivalent of a birth certificate, or through the baptistery of the Portuguese grandfather or grandmother.

2. What can be done when the Portuguese's grandson or granddaughter does not have this document? What can we do to help in these cases?

In these cases it is possible to resort to technology. Today we are able to access several databases that are available on the internet and that help us find information and other records of the Portuguese of origin. With this data, we are often able to know the location of the birth certificate or baptistery. In addition, there are the Portuguese bodies responsible for document archives. Depending on the time the Portuguese grandfather or grandmother was born, it is also possible to use these organs.

For those who are in this situation, what I can say is that you do not give up on the process as it is possible to locate this essential document to prove the Portuguese nationality.


3. In addition to proof of the grandfather's or grandmother's Portuguese origin, what other documents does the grandson or granddaughter need to have?

 The birth certificate or baptistery is the indispensable document. The others are of a personal nature, such as identification and criminal background.

4. When you have two Portuguese grandparents, which documents must be presented? Is it necessary to have the documents of both?

It's really cool to have both Portuguese grandparents. But in these cases the procedure is the same. You don't need to have their documents. To file an application for the attribution of the nationality process, just one documentation is required.

5. If the interested party is a Portuguese great granddaughter or great-great granddaughter, can she apply for nationality?

The possibility exists as long as the grandson, who needs to be alive, first applies for his. Therefore, the Portuguese's grandson will apply for his and then he can pass on the nationality to his great-grandson and great-great-grandson. But it is very important to clarify that the Portuguese's grandson must be alive to apply for nationality.


We hope that with this interview we have helped to clarify some points about the nationality process for grandchildren of Portuguese people. And if your case is one in which you don't have the documentation that proves the Portuguese nationality of your grandfather or grandmother, don't forget that we can help you. To do this, just fill in the form on this link.