on November 4, 2022

MOBI_, the new international mobility app from Martins Castro, has arrived

on November 4, 2022

Chegou o MOBI_, o novo app de mobilidade internacional da Martins Castro

Martins Castro launches the MOBI_ application, which will facilitate international mobility processes for people and businesses wishing to connect to Portugal. The result of a year of research, the new technology is an evolution of the Customer Portal. 

Available for IOS and Android, MOBI_ is open to everyone and will mainly benefit Brazilians who want to have access to free mobility around the world. The services are also aimed at citizens of Latin America, Europe, the United States and Israel. 

The CEO of Martins Castro, Renato Martins, explains that the application allows customers to follow the steps of Portuguese nationality processes, company formations, as well as the acquisition of new migration services, in a simple way through the cell phone screen. 

Martins says that, in addition to Portuguese nationality processes, MOBI_ will also offer consultancy for business and careers. “Those who want to invest in Portugal can count on the expertise of 360 Business, a solution for businesses that want to expand into the European market. There is also 360IT, which facilitates the selection and recruitment of IT professionals for companies located in Portuguese territory”, he says. 



personalized follow-up

The stages of your nationality process can be followed simultaneously and online. Each customer has their own personalized area, which is governed by the general law on the protection of personal data.

Easy management

Payments for your services, as well as installments and means of payment, can be managed by the app, with agility and simplicity.

New services with just one click

Hiring new services is simpler and can be done with just one click. Now, you have in the palm of your hand the freedom to hire additional services, such as issuing personal documents to live in Portugal, document translation, Revalidation of medical degrees, among others.

Online support

At any time, you can request online support from our specialized team.

support materials

Exclusive content with guidelines for the stages of the contracted service. All done by our experts.



Information about Portuguese nationality and everything related to life in Portugal is available, with constant updates.



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