on August 2, 2022

Discover the Customer Portal: intelligent online service channel

on August 2, 2022

Conheça o Portal do Cliente: canal inteligente de atendimento online

The Customer Portal is an evolution of Martins Castro's communication systems with its customers, which now brings together personalized and exclusive information in one place. Through this intelligent channel, each person has the possibility to follow the progress of their services and processes at any time of the day and from anywhere. This is possible because the tool is online and can be connected via computer or cell phone, providing more agility and transparency in service.

How to access

The link to access the Customer Portal is available on our website: app.martinscastro.pt. The connection takes place through the contract or registration number with login and password. Upon entering your area, the customer has personalized content related to their services and can consult the progress of each step of the process, calendars, financial situation and contact the team.

Monitoring the process securely and online

Integrated with Martins Castro's technological systems and professional teams, the tool provides each client with details about their contracted services in a personalized way. Those who have a nationality process for grandchildren, for example, can follow the steps of the Genealogical Research, such as guidance, documents, certificates until the issuance of the genealogical analysis, and the processing at the conservatory, which includes orientation, entry into the conservatory, registration in the process, consultations, verification of documents, analysis of the application, dispatch until the issuance of the birth certificate.

Those who opt for the Portuguese nationality process through the Sephardic route have access to the stages of Genealogical and Conservatory Research, as in the grandchildren processes, but also follow the procedures in the Israeli Community, which are orientation, verification of documents, submission of the request and issuance of the certificate.

The same information model is replicated for the other services and the client can check the progress of the work from point to point in an online and secure way.

Updates all the time

As soon as there is an update to your contract, notices and follow-ups are posted on the wall and alerts are sent via email. All this so that no stage of the process is missed. At the end of each phase, the person is redirected to the next step. 

exclusive content

Exclusive content, in texts and videos, is made available through the Customer Portal on services, legislation and regulations relating to Portuguese nationality. Currently, customers already have interactive access to information related to the new regulation for Sephardim. Content updates are made regularly.

Information in three languages

The information is in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. Thus, all our customers have complete autonomy in relation to their contracts and processes.

 new services

Through the Customer Portal, it is also more convenient to request services, which can be done online. Customers are offered direct links to new services, such as opening a bank account in Portugal, obtaining a Tax Identification Number (NIF) and transcribing a wedding in Portugal. With each request, it is also possible to schedule online meetings for further clarification and resolution of doubts.

The list of services to be hired online, via the Customer Portal, will be expanded soon. Stay tuned!

benefits program

Martins Castro has a benefits program that can be accessed on the Customer Portal when there are active campaigns.

A future full of convenience and technology

Evolve is in our DNA, that's why Martins Castro constantly invests in innovations for its customers. New improvement studies for the Customer Portal are in progress and new implementations will be implemented periodically.

Expanding communication and efficient service to our audiences are part of our principles. For the future, we hope to offer more and more interactivity with security, agility and convenience to our customers. With just one click, you can contact us from choosing the service to completing the process, anytime and anywhere. We are a platform that prioritizes the realization of dreams and free and safe mobility. Let's move our worlds together!