on July 8, 2020

Ask questions about the revalidation of the medical degree in Portugal

on July 8, 2020

Tire suas dúvidas sobre a revalidação do diploma de medicina em Portugal

Seeking quality of life and safety, in addition to better wages and better working conditions, more than a thousand Brazilian doctors decided to work in Portugal. But in order to develop their activities, professionals had to go through the process of revalidating their diplomas.

Check below some guidelines on the process of revalidating the medical degree in Portugal.

Steps in the revalidation process

For Brazilians, the revalidation process is divided into four stages:

1) Delivery of documents (must run):

Initially, it is necessary to present the transcript, diploma and menu of the subjects taken. Some of these documents need to be handouted, others certified by the faculty and other specifics, passed on at the time of consulting.

Important: For those who graduated outside Brazil, the documents do not need to be translated if they are in Spanish, English or French.

2) Theoretical test (objective):

The test consists of 120 questions about Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics / Gynecology, General Practice, Public Health, Mental Health. There is no number of vacancies, that is, there is no competition, but the candidate needs hit 50% of the issues to pass the exam. If you do not pass the written test, you can try the next year without going through the 1st phase.

Note:  For nationals of countries that do not have Portuguese as their official language, it will be necessary to take a communication competency test before the theoretical test.

3) Practical test:

It consists of the observation of a patient in the area of Medicine or Surgery, with the preparation of a report in a similar way to the practical tests of the Medical Internship.

4) Defense of the thesis:

The thesis can be a dissertation, monograph or curriculum report. The final work does not need to be unpublished, that is, if the doctor has any work done that falls into one of these categories, he can use it as a final work. The work must be presented within 6 months after passing the practical exam.

Time for revalidation

The process takes about a year. Recalling that the 2020 registrations will continue until November 16.


The doctor must first go through the process of revalidating the diploma, then make the registration and, finally, request the specialty in the doctors' order, that is, the specialty is the last step.